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Your Loan Specialist will assist you to obtain the required documentation, complete the loan package and forward it to the appropriate lender or government agency.

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“cuBIZloan shows the true power of the CrossState Credit Union Association. Every one of our members can benefit, from smallest to largest, whether you’re looking at simple referrals, participations, or want to be a lead lender.”

David C. Frankil
CrossState Solutions, Inc.

“cuBIZloan helps credit unions connect, collaborate and compete in the Member Business Lending market.
We look forward to your participation and support!”

Murray Halperin
Biz Lending & Insurance Center

“Business lending is complex, to say the least. cuBIZloan Connection takes away the complexity and creates opportunity for not only loan volume, but fee income as well.”

Robin Brunner
Group Vice President
CrossState Solutions, Inc.

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