By: cuBIZloan


In the Solutions Theatre, Murray Halperin of njBIZloan Connection helped credit unions prepare for the future of lending using a FinTech approach. JMFA’s Jim Griffis also presented in the Solutions Theatre. His presentation discussed overdrafts and how they fit in today’s service culture.

Solutions Theatre
10:30 am to 11:00 am

Is your credit union getting ready for the future of lending? Find out how our FinTech approach can pave the way for credit union growth in business lending and other products in 2020 and beyond.Key Discussion Points will include:

  • Methods for prospering during an economic slow down
  • How combining this FinTech approach with digital marketing can help your credit union increase engagement with business owners, brokers and investors
  • The power of a traditional personal touch combined with the FinTech approach in business lending