Commercial Lending During Crisis

By: cuBIZloan

A message from Murray Halperin, Managing Member of

The past several weeks uncovered challenges that the credit union industry, our country and world have never experienced before.

First and foremost, we recognize the extraordinary efforts that our credit union partners are undertaking to keep the institution sound with a safe environment for its employees, while continuing to serve the members and community.

cuBIZloan is here to assist the credit union and members with access to capital through the SBA, USDA and our traditional sources.

Our systems are designed to support online loan processing and virtual sales to business owners and credit unions.

We are following the CDC guidelines by implementing social distancing, working remotely, proper cleaning of our facility and business travel restrictions.

Our team is working and available during normal business hours.
Mon-Fri 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern
609-362-3263 Loan Processing Department
609-270-0200 cuBIZloan Administration

Prior to the Pandemic Crisis, cuBIZloan was preparing for a recession and developing programs to assist credit unions and their members/prospects with SBA and USDA loans. We expect this preparation to become a huge asset for the credit unions that want to reach out to their local business community to help them secure access to capital. Our goal is to place the credit union in the forefront of helping businesses recover.

Please allow us the opportunity to assist your credit union as it endeavors to help its community recover. We are all in this together.

With kind regards,
Murray Halperin